hny2015We at Apex Translations monitor all new word additions to English dictionaries which endeavor to herald a new year’s beginning with often-used parts of speech which denote current, if not up-to-the-minute, English phrasings, salutations, and internet slang. Click on the following link to glimpse a few:

Along with new dictionary additions selfie, g’day, hashtag, and digital divide, one could hardly escape note of “Yooper,” and it must be capitalized. Is it a new fish? Is it a yelp made by students attending a college football game in the hopes their team will win? Or is it a resident from a small village called Yoop?

Amazingly, a Yooper is a resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it seems Yoopers may even have their own devised language. For more reading and enlightenment, please click on

Apex realizes that language continues to change with the times in a variety of ways. Militaries, commercial enterprises such as trade and imports, the increased travel necessities of a world’s residents, the accessibility of higher education, culture, music, and cuisine all have given and contributed to the English language. So, English changes with a sharply speeding world, and we English speakers annex new words, not only into our dictionaries but also into our everyday lives, at a constant rate.

With a new year comes new opportunity, and we at Apex look forward to assisting you in your rapidly changing world. Allow for new understandings and new vistas in your business and your lives.

You should be encouraged to glance over new word annexations in your native tongue’s dictionary at this new year’s commencement. Your future understanding and clarity awaits.