The above question is not only asked by a competent translation agency, but also by presidents, governmental ministers and leaders of nations, monarchs, patent attorneys, corporate CEOs who guide global businesses, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, ambassadors, diplomats, universities, educators, journalists, press secretaries, travel guides and authorities, writers, musicians, artists, poets, and even actors and actresses. (Think international cinema and those oh-so-necessary subtitles.) One could argue the last six professions mentioned might truly think of translation very carefully on a line by line, note by note basis for their art or performance to be the one originally intended by the author and/or creator. You know, the artist’s incorruptible fervor over his/her creation should be RESPECTED and translated authentically!

So much meaning hinges on a correct and accurate translation. Indeed, a professor in a humanities class will prompt the student to read his/her approved translation selection of the assignment and avoid that “other” author, the one who has no business writing anything other than a grocery list. We all know this prof.

Apex Translations Services have examined, tested, and interviewed many translator candidates through the years. Resumes and CVs are scrutinized and authenticated. Extensive communication with the applicant begins. References are investigated. Questions are posed. Writing samples are requested and collected for his/her language pairs. Language usage, grammar, spellings, word choice, vocabularies, context flow, cultural usages and cultural sensitivity, and logic are all weighed carefully by our in-house linguists. Occasionally, subject matter experts are summoned for their input. Quite simply, it is a dogged process. However, any translator, who is approved by Apex, must be up to the job!

We at Apex are constantly thinking of that original author or creator of text, which must be transposed to another language. The translation must be authentic. In addition to being a native speaker of the target language, the translator must have appropriate education and subject matter expertise. They often have degrees from prominent universities. They have not said goodbye to education, once a degree’s requirements have been completed. Apex’s linguists continue to educate themselves, because language is a living thing and like all living things, language grows and changes. And Apex Translation Services grows with these languages and our translators, because so much meaning hinges on a correct and accurate translation.