Olympic-RingsThe Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, are nearing to its opening ceremony this week. Symbols of this international occasion have been slow to rear their heads, but after many submissions of what the Sochi mascot should be – the winners have been announced. Yes, there are winners: a polar bear, a snow leopard, and an arctic hare. Why so many?

Here is a possible clue why there may be more than one mascot. The Olympics invites many nations to one locale for an enormously publicized, global athletic competition. There needs to be a variety of emblematic mascots because there are so many people – athletes competing, tourists visiting, coaches and families participating, fans viewing, dignitaries and guests supporting, and media covering, recording, and interviewing athletes here and teams with coaches there. People communicate, and the world needs to understand! Enter (perhaps) the most crucial yet connective element in these games – the translator or interpreter.

The Sochi 2014 Translation Forum, the first of its kind, has been meeting regularly in the last months, as think tanks do, to make certain of staging, transporting, accommodating human resources and other logistical necessities, to find solutions to all manner of predicament and emergency, and to assist a world media performing effortlessly through smooth and direct communication. How can this happen evenly, yet efficiently?

Over 1,000 translators will be required at Sochi to help this renowned Olympic community make their way through the games. Apex Translation Services is well acquainted in taking on challenging, important, and decisive projects with skill and solution. At Apex, we have a global-ready database of working translators, highly adept and experienced at specific professional skills and language competencies. These are not mere words thrown askew for a client to grasp. As is our regular practice, Apex Translation Services offers sample written document translations, so a client-corporation can see the target language come to life for an increasingly global economy, as seen in microcosm during the Sochi Olympics.

Enjoy the games, but allow Apex Translation Services help you communicate skillfully and successfully like an Olympian. Click here for further reading.