This year’s Academy Award-winning song, Let It Go, is a popular, worthy, albeit hum-able tune, but at Apex Translations, we (our translating staff, linguists, proofreaders, and editors) will hardly let your document go without extensive examination that every translation benchmark has been met or even surpassed.

As seen in the video below, a genius rendition of a multi-language translation of the theme song of Frozen, created, produced, and helmed by Disney, we at Apex Translations offer all languages you see at the displayed bottom of the film.  We do not use machine translation, nor any other kind of automatic click-on.  Our translations are produced by linguists, grammarians, and language specialists who are practiced translators skilled in nuanced cultural inflections, phonetics, and spellings.  In, other words, Apex is proud to deliver the “truest” of translations.

As Disney clearly delineates in its video, there are differences between Latin American Spanish and Catalan Spanish; between French and Canadian French.  When you place your order with Apex, we will ask WHICH language is preferred when you say, “In French.”

Take a look at the finished Disney video versus the innumerable “parodies” of the song crowding YouTube, and you will see the difference between a real translation and a cobbled-together pseudo-translation probably taken from a phrasebook plus dictionary, or worse, a machine translation.  Apex Translations, like Disney, is the real thing.