wingsWe all know them, and every language has them – proverbs, axioms, words to live by, and the scholarly “aphorisms.” However, from Grade Two to freshmen in college, we are persuaded and finally convinced these maxims do not enhance our composition and writing efforts, but they make our essays trite and stale, except for one blaring fact: Most of these expressions are universally true!

So the meaning of this aforementioned title is one which Apex Translation Services espouses in its day-to-day translator assignments.

When a request comes to Apex asking for an English-to-French translation, we look to our many qualified and approved translators who will conscientiously deliver an accurate translation to our client. There are conversations and repeated communications about subject matter, due dates, translator’s work history, skills, experience, formatting requirements, customer specifications, and many other attributes. The choice narrows to Translator A or Translator B. After additional discussions with both translators, we finally select Translator B as the appropriate translator for the English-to-French translation project.

Apex knows Translator B will deliver a professional translation with all aspects of a smooth, error-free text. (Well begun….) Other translators will not be sought. The Apex staff will be in daily contact with Translator B to discuss the progress and status of the translation while in Apex’s hands. Cultural nuances and word selections will be discussed and communicated. Once the document has been translated, it will be proofread by an independent native speaker of the target language. Written edits may or may not be recommended. And voila, the translation has been completed thoroughly, straightforwardly, and competently. (…is half done) Apex takes great assurance that this job has all the markings of lining up the correct translator to the requirements of the translation request. In other words, the translation needed will be matched with the optimum skills provided by the appropriate translator.

Other translation services tell a prospective customer, “We check and double check and triple check our work.” “We have proofread and edited your translation three separate times by three different linguists and subject matter experts.” “We have a proofreading and editing staff of thirty-six employees.” Really? How do these services ever deliver a translation on time? How many sets of eyes and writers have contributed their addendums, piecemeal, to your one translation? Should we conclude that the original translation was so poor that it takes multiple expert linguists to correct it?

Apex Translations Services does not operate this way, nor do we corrupt one single document with multiple “authors.” We carefully select one translator to write, based on experience, credential, education, and precedented high quality work approach. Once completed, we then select a proofreader in the original and target languages. As one can see, the selection process for any translation is crucial and specifically warranted.

This is why Apex Translations enjoys a highly regarded reputation and global profile in the translation business. Apex should be your choice for professional translation services.