to Hans Schlamadinger, CEO of Apex Translation Services

Q:  Did you know that Friday, September 30, is International Translators Day?

HS:  Yes, I believe it is to celebrate St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators. I believe he translated the bible in the fourth century (

Q: What is it like to run a translation company?

HSWell, I certainly keep busy with setting business objectives, meeting clients’ requirements, solving technical issues, payroll, accounting, marketing, and communications.

Q:  That certainly makes for a busy day!

HS: Indeed!  Usually well into the evening.

Q:  What language is most requested?

HS:  Spanish is #1, and French is #2.

Q:   How many translation projects have you completed and delivered this year?

HSThis year, Apex has completed and delivered 2,509 [and counting] translations to customers.

Q:    That’s quite an accomplishment! You have very skilled translators, but what about proofreading?

HS:  Proofreading and editing are essential aspects to Apex.  We do not release any documents without a second and sometimes third “read,” depending on subject matter, context, target language, cultural nuance, grammar, vocabulary accuracy, and degree of difficulty.  Our proofreaders are very valued here at Apex.

Q:  All in all, hiring Apex for translation needs sounds like a very good choice.

HS:  Today the world is a very small place, and globalization, especially in communications, industry, trade, and even cultural connection is reality, and we know Apex plays a very important role in the support of world-wide business with all its attendant avenues.