People who come to a new country to make a better life for themselves should not be burdened by the inability to understand vital medical information they need to make informed decisions about their health.   Although they might be able to find someone to help them understand documents written in a foreign language, this matter might add additional stress to their situation, and, sadly, the documents may be incorrectly or inappropriately translated.

At Apex, our medical translation service can translate documents, so patient information is easily understood by everyone, no matter the language. We can even provide forms for patients to complete in their own language.  For instance, a medical professional can not offer a patient privacy information forms that he/she can’t read and expect a signature to mean acceptance or comprehension.  Instead, multiple copies of different languages must be available, so that all patients are served in the same manner.  Let our medical translation service help you provide your patients with the premium service you have to offer, so that your office is always protected, and your patient is adequately served.