blogimageIn an effort to stay current and relevant, Apex Translation Services prides itself on understanding subtle nuances and gradations of vocabularies and vernaculars of all major languages.  Our employees remain dedicated to the true and accurate translation, and our translators’ commitments to this goal remain steadfast.

This is why our office personnel read and find websites which enlighten the task and work climate at Apex Translation Services.  Resources and reference materials are routinely summoned to select hard-pressed, contextual meanings.  For example, one cannot ignore hourly headlines from cable or network channels, blogs and posts which scream either one or two-word opening lines, and this “word” seems to describe all of October 17 or November 2 or whatever day we are currently witnessing to its quiet end.

Take, for instance, meltdown or push-back or eavesdropping.  Have you heard these words rather frequently lately?  What about clemency or debt ceiling?

There is a website that catalogs the top five words used frequently in an hour’s span on the Web, and then it publishes this word in varied news accounts or current reports for the reader to weigh and analyze.

For ESL speakers, policy wonks, talking heads, editors, linguists, students, writers, or bloggers everywhere, check out this site: