Nina Schuyler’s newly-published book, The Translator , is garnering universally good reviews (  It looks like a book well worth reading, especially here in our office at Apex Translation Services.

There is a phenomenon called  Foreign Accent Syndrome, which gained towering interest some fifty-odd years ago.  Remember Virginia Tighe?  Tighe, a twentieth century American, whose hypnotic  transformation to a nineteenth century Irishwoman named  Bridey Murphy, was arguably the syndrome’s first poster child for reincarnation gossip around the globe and the inspiration for late fifties’ and early sixties’  “Dress As You Were” parties.

Another more recent case you may vaguely recall is the Croatian teen, who awoke from a coma three years ago speaking a flawless German, and who then  spoke no Croatian whatsoever. Frightening? You bet!  People were making dramatic turns in their conversations.  Reincarnation?  Possibly.  Really?

Really, though?  It sounds like the brain is a very fragile place, capable of putting others and family members at the mercy of an all-important translator, not to mention subtracting the clear identity of a patient who now speaks a non-native language.  Schuyler’s book addresses an unforeseen event and spins the tale that has us all pondering:

“If that happened to me, what would become of me?  What would I do?  Where would I live?  Who would be able to help me communicate?”

All questions, musings, and worries here are pertinent.  What identity does one have without one’s own  language?

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