Aug 152019

Talking to Hans Schlamadinger, CEO of Apex Translation Services

Talking to Hans Schlamadinger, CEO of Apex Translation Services Q:  Did you know that Friday, September 30, is International Translators Day? HS:  Yes, I believe it is to celebrate St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators. I believe he translated the bible in the fourth century ( Q: What is it like to run a translation company? HS:  Well, I certainly keep busy with setting [...]

Jun 152019

The use of only…

Apex Translations wants you to understand that just one word and its placement is crucial to the correct meaning of the sentence. Directions: Place only anywhere in the following sentence. She told him that she loved him. <Scroll down for the variations.> Only she told him that she loved him. She only told him that she loved him. She told only him that she loved [...]

May 142019

Meet Emily Phillips, Project Manager at Apex Translations

Q1:   Emily, tell us about your studies at Campbell University.  What got you interested in law and government? EP:  I love to argue.  No, really, law and government have always fascinated me - the research, the reasoning, and becoming an advocate to help others. Q2:  How long have you worked at Apex? EP: This fall will be seven years. Q3:  Describe a typical day at [...]

Apr 112019

Downton Blog

Apex Translations heartily welcomes 2016 and bids a fond farewell to 2015, a year of breaking news of a world in tumult. The brand new year is yet but a babe, taking poised, sensored steps like the driverless car, representative of an unstoppable techno- future, while 2015 has already taken a seat in the past. In 2016, we will say a final goodbye to the [...]

Mar 42019

Was the man we know as Santa Claus the original translator?

A Real Global Figure:  Was the man we know as Santa Claus the original translator? It's that time of year again when we are reminded of those virtues the civilized world most prizes: generosity of spirit, goodwill towards all,  granting children's wishes, giving rather than receiving, donating time, energy, talents, service, and dollars, and especially remembering the selfless, the thoughtful, the forgotten, the pious, and [...]

Feb 162019

A Conversation with APEX’s Executive Team

Questions for Hans Schlamadinger, CEO for Apex Q:  Apex Translations began with you, Mr. Schlamadinger.  What prompted you to start this business and put it online? A:  Before I started this company, I worked as an engineering manager for a major diesel engine manufacturer.  Through my employer, I had connections to various patent attorneys. One of these attorneys knew that I spoke both German [...]

Jan 142019

The Magna Carta Translated

As we look towards the annual July 4 holiday of American Independence, it cannot escape the national notice of an event, recently celebrated across the pond, long since passed some eight hundred years ago in a field called Runnymede, which limited overall power of an anointed English king called John. At the time, powerful English barons realized that the citizenry had multitudes of grievances levied [...]

Dec 192018

Interview with Amanda Harrison, Office Manager / Project Manager

Q: Amanda, how long have you worked for Apex Translations? AH: It will be eleven years this November. Q: You probably come in contact with most Apex' clients. What is the most requested target language by far? Second place? AH: Spanish is, by far, number one. French is the second most requested. Q: Can you elaborate what you have learned most from the translation business [...]

Nov 162018

The Language of Love

It's true; we are on the eve of a most romantic day for lovers everywhere, a long-heralded day of St. Valentine. School children exchange valentines both playful and delightful. Adults plan getaways at romantic destinations complete with special suites in glamorous hotels with copious amounts of wine or champaign served in candlelight; while cuisine favorites feature chocolate in any variety followed by luxurious dining in [...]

Sep 172018


We all know them, and every language has them - proverbs, axioms, words to live by, and the scholarly "aphorisms." However, from Grade Two to freshmen in college, we are persuaded and finally convinced these maxims do not enhance our composition and writing efforts, but they make our essays trite and stale, except for one blaring fact: Most of these expressions are universally true! So [...]

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