Which Book is the Most Translated Throughout the World?

Even the most casual reader or citizen might reply with the correct answer: The Bible. The Qur’an is naturally close behind and Book of Mormon, too, is in the top most translated, but Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia’s List of Literary Works by Number of Translations puts Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi in second place.  Published in 1883, the enchanting story of a puppet who wishes to [...]

Translations, Tonys, and Neil Patrick Harris

Of course, the televised Tonys, a magical pre-summer event for American viewers and lovers of American theater, began with song-and-dance-man Neil Patrick Harris reminding us that Broadway productions are produced and translated into thirteen languages this year alone.  It’s something an average American may well indeed give little thought, but for enamored global audience members, in breathless anticipation of a new play coming to their [...]

Language Regionalisms in the USA and World-Wide

If you think you can't translate or use translation services on a regular basis, think again.  Apex Translations Services know and recognize the inherent differences in regional American English speech.   The  US citizen might be temporarily confounded by a fellow countryman's or countrywoman's speech; however, this is just one consideration our translator services at Apex face with many world-wide languages.  There is British English, American [...]

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