Translation Is Everywhere, Even In The Movies!

You're watching a favorite comedy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and just as the climax is about to explode on the screen, Charles, the protagonist, is interrupted in his marriage vows by his brother, claiming he knows a reason Charles should not marry the lady now standing beside him.  The brother signs to Charles (Charles' brother is deaf) if he will translate the brother's objections [...]

Promises, Promises……..

Apex Translations Services promises to deliver our best product to you on time AND on budget..... There is an old proverb that notes:  "Your word is your bond." Given the universality of the above axiom, there are many variations on this saying such as. . . "You are only as good as your word." (This implies that integrity is a living entity, dependent upon a [...]

Apex Translations leads the way in affordable translation excellence

"I am fully satisfied with such an excellent translation of a really difficult text in this extremely tight time frame and with marvelous presentation! (I myself speak both source as well as target languages fluently). I use professional translators frequently and am normally a critical and reserved person. But, this job is performed in a stunning manner, and its quality is surprising and delighting! Thank [...]

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