You Think You Need Connections for Expert Translations? You Certainly Do. . . . .

Everyone starts life speaking his/her own mother tongue, but every child begins to learn a language with an alphabet.  Sometimes, there is often a connection, a mnemonic, a poem, a song, a riddle, or a rhyme that helps the learner remember that alphabet or alfabet (Danish), or alfabetet (Norwegian), or αλφάβητο (Greek). Read Howard Nemerov's A Primer of the Daily Round A peels an apple, [...]

Why Translate Websites?

If you own any kind of business, having an Internet presence is a must. Making your website viewable in different languages can be an additional major benefit; indeed, if your goal is to attract customers from foreign countries, a multilingual website is mandatory. Professional translation services can take care of the details for you. You don’t have to try to learn a new language, or [...]

Translation Services to Address International Business Concerns

If your business extends to foreign countries, conveying information such as corporate policies, legal corporate documents, marketing collateral, etc., in foreign languages is an essential part of your international presence. A successful business that ventures into the international arena cannot afford to ignore the languages and cultures of your customers. Your interaction with the multilingual world will be much more effective if you engage a [...]

Keys to Effective Legal Document Translation

Legal documents are particularly difficult to translate. Even if the document to be translated contains flaws, it is very important that the translation is exact and reflects exactly what the source text says. A service specializing in legal document translation will assist  you in achieving this goal. At Apex Translations we have a team of experts who are dedicated to making sure that your legal [...]

Importance of Medical Translations

The medical field is an area where new procedures, new equipment, or new research is the norm. When manufacturers of medical equipment need to publish information, IFUs (Information for Use), or product documentation in foreign countries, it is imperative that the documentation is accurate and correctly translated into the target languages. Selling products to Europe is no exception. Article 4(4) of the Medical Device Directive [...]

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