Benefits of a Medical Translation Service

Personal medical documents are usually time sensitive whether it has to do with a medical issue that occurred abroad, a billing issue, or a medical claim with your insurance company. In many cases you need to have your medical documents translated by a professional medical translation service who not only understands the intricacies of language translation, but are also familiar with privacy laws that govern [...]

Who Needs Business Translation Services?

One of the challenges of owning your own business is making sure that some of your legal and business documents are available in the local languages for those clients that are located in foreign countries. This is typically not something that your average employee can do or has the time to. Language translation may be beyond your realm of the expertise of most of your [...]

Importance of Medical Translation Services

You may be surprised to find just how important medical translation services are. Whether the product documentation needs to be translated into different languages for medical imaging devices, lab equipment, etc., it’s imperative that it has been accurately translated. The same is level of quality is required for patient data, medical records, insurance documents, as well as documentation for physician management or healthcare information systems. Accuracy, [...]

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